Hebron Tales

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Hagit Bak
  1. School teachers in the Palestinian Authority are getting vaccinated today, with the Russian vaccine. In the meantime, the children stay home. Study through Zoom, a bit.
  2. Information about Covid-10 patients flows to the checkpoints at entry points to Israel. Whoever has ill family relatives and holds a work permit in Israel is not permitted to enter Israel for 14 days even if he has no ties with the ill person. It’s very difficult to give up 14 days of paid work.
  3. Tradesmen are not permitted to cross into Israel, sweepingly.
  4. In Tel Rumeida, there are only 4 people ill with Covid-19.

A new camerainfo-icon has been installed at the Tel Rumeida junction. Such cameras are also installed near the Tamar Checkpoint (the archeological park).

The DCO officer has reached an understanding with the Givati infantry soldiers so that Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida will no longer have to cross the metal detector check on their way to the mosque (protest helped).

Once a week, on Mondays, a truck will be permitted to collect empty gas tanks in the morning and return them, filled, at noon. So far every Tel Rumeida resident had to either carry the gas tank on his back, or by cart.

The Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida are not permitted to bring their vehicles home and must park them near the barriers and checkpoints.

155 Palestinian vehicles have permits to drive the road going from the Hill of the Fathers to Curve 160. All other roads in H2 are for Jews only.