Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Nina S. (reporting); a guest from England; Translator:  Charles K.

The occupation routine – everything’s pleasant, friendly, smiling but – it’s a checkpoint, not the freedom to live on your land as you please.

06:25  The soldiers are here already and, in fact, at 06:30 the first people go through.

As always, people with bicycles or a vehicle or a cart cross on foot for document inspection, leave the ID with the soldier at the inspection station and then return to pick up the wheels/horse/donkey, receive the ID and then to “Israel,” which is really Palestine in the seam zone.

As 07:00 approaches the line evaporates and then is repopulated again and a worker from the plant nursery arrives to organize it and hasten the crossing through an inspection point in the shed in addition to one in the building.

Cars, horse and donkey carts, trucks and many bicycles go through.

07:15  The teachers’ bus to the elementary school in ‘Arab Ramadin crosses and at 07:20 the girls from ‘Arab Ramadin come through on their way to the high school in Habla.

The line grew but everyone managed to cross before 07:45, when the gate is scheduled to close, and it in fact closes at that time.