'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Revital Sela, Rochele Hayut (reporting and pictures). Chana Stein translating.
A'anin Checkpoint
Rachel Hyut

We arrived together with an armoured military car and a white van with driver and officer. The soldiers got organized to open the gatesinfo-icon. We were not surprised when they did not let us pass the gate at the side of the road.

Many young people passed, as well as families; some on foot, and others by tractor or donkey. They all smile and greet us. A woman and a youth discuss something with the soldier who is checking and, in the end, the youth passes, but the woman is not allowed to pass. Another youth cannot pass – he is told that the gate is already closed, although it was still open. At the same time, they allowed an elderly man through in the direction of A’anin, even though his permit was for another gate.

A pair of parents asked for help in acquiring a permit for their 26-year old son. An elderly man told us that on Friday, at Reihan checkpoint, he was not allowed to pass, although he does not need a permit. He knows that this rule applies on Saturdays, but not on Fridays.

07:30. The checkpoint closes, and the servants of the occupation leave to continue their task elsewhere.

07:45. Shaked checkpoint

It is already late. One car is waiting on the Turah side.  We did not see people in the shed, or in the passage.

08:00. Reihan checkpoint

Not many People are waiting on the road. Inside the checkpoint, two windows are operating. The queue in the corridor lengthens and shortens intermittently. In general the movement flows. One person coming out reports that there are a lot of people, but they pass quickly.

08:20. Travelling to Dotan checkpoint

The tower at the checkpoint is manned.  Apart from this, there was no visible army presence.