Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Ruthi Katz, Hanna Aviram

The CP was opened at 7:15 although it was meant to be opened at 7:10. People were of course waiting before that.

Ramadan and the feast are recognizable by the small number of persons passing and the fact that there are no students who need to pass by the CP on their way to school.

After the Ramadan the students will continue already to the summer vacation.

At 7:21 the first car passes and in general cars leave Habla while near the turnstile, which is located next to the checking room, a group of people intending to cross the CP on foot, is waiting. Four of them crossed finally over at 7:36 only.

At 8:07 nobody was left at the CP and the soldiers began closing it, but then at man hurrying to the CP coming from Habla arrived. ‘Why now Dudu’ a soldier asked the man in Hebrew (the soldiers talked among themselves and with the other persons passing, in Arabic) and let him pass.