Corona Times Report: Dura - court appeals will be delayed until the closures are lifted

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Ronit R. - Report based on a phone conversation. Translator: Charles K.

Report in Corona times

A. telephoned to find out about the court appeal after his application to remove his blacklisting was denied.  Y., request writer from Dura, with whom we’re in ongoing and useful contact, had prepared the application.  As you know, courts are now closed.  While appeals can be submitted through the courts’ online system, the applicant must meet with an attorney, sign the documents in their presence and pay the fee.  In normal times the attorney meets the applicants near Husan every week or two.  Meetings aren’t possible now, so appeals will be delayed until the closures are lifted in Israel and on the West Bank.

We also talked about the situation.  He said they’re remaining home, not going out.  Dura has no shortages.  He says there’s a supermarket or grocery store in each neighborhood, and they have everything you need.  There’s no shortage, nor are there any corona cases in Dura.  But the situation is difficult because there’s no income.  His two brothers, who have permits to work in Israel, haven’t gone to work because of the corona.  They preferred to stay home with their families.