South Hebron Hills

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Hagit (reporting and photographing); Translator: Tal H.
Failed attenpts to enter Israel
ניסיונות שנכשלו להגיע לישראל. כי הצבא עמד שם

The extreme lack of opportunities in the Palestinian work market makes a growing number of Palestinians, especially young ones, to detach themselves from it and seek work inside Israel. But then they are in trouble. They are not issued work permits, or are “blacklisted” for all sorts of reasons. Under General Security Services prevention is a Palestinian who has been blacklisted by the GSS as an alleged security risk. Anyone blacklisted by the GSS or the Israeli police or the Civil Administration Operations Wing is not able to receive a permit to enter Israel, or the seamline zone, or the Israeli settler-colonies in order to work or trade;

Whoever enters Israel illegally is defined an illegal alien.

The need for livelihood is stronger than anything else and they try to enter any way they can.

The photos are of failed attempts to enter Israel because the Israeli army got in the way.

This is how another people is controlled, at the point of a gun. And desperation makes for dangerous people.