Anin Checkpoint: Did the harvest end prematurely?

Tami R. (photographer), Hannah Heller (Reporter) Marcia L., Translation
מחסום עאנין: חוזרים מהמסיק

16.46 – 15.30


15:30 – Anin Checkpoint

No tractor is waiting next to the breached gate; we assume that the olive harvest season is over, and we leave.


15:40 – Tura Checkpoint

Next to the gate in the Seamline Zone, they fertilize the area and prepare to seed tobacco.  A tractor, heavily laden with sacks of olives, returns with the residents from Yabed who now arrive every day to harvest their olives in the groves located in the Seamline Zone.  A man and a child ride on a donkey, an older couple who leave to visit family, and five workers pass through from the Seamline Zone; five workers cross from the Seamline Zone to the West Bank.  Six cars with passengers cross through to the West Bank, and 8 cars with passengers (including children) return to the Seamline Zone from Jenin. The passage is quick.  One of those returning, a resident of Daher-al-Maleck, who passes through from time-to-time to Jenin to do errands and to purchase groceries, tells us that since Corona, there are many delays.  Sometimes they delay everyone complaining that they are bringing food in amounts that are too large (suspicion of commercial trade); sometimes they delay everyone because one of those crossing gets irritated.  Primarily, they feel that the Druze soldiers are harassing them.  According to him, when we are there, there are no delays, and the crossing is quick.

16:15 – Barta’a Checkpoint

A blue Israeli police car is parked on the road next to the entrance to the checkpoint, and the driver is writing fines for Palestinian drivers at a furious pace.  Tens of workers return from work and go down the sleeveinfo-icon.  To our joy, a large part of the sleeve is already roofed.  Also, the terminal is also open in the afternoon in the direction of the Seamline Zone, something that will very much ease Barta’a during the rainy season.