In Hebron, gyms are not needed

Michal; Translator: Natanya
חיילים מאבטחים  את המסיק

After a long period of closureinfo-icon and restrictions, we returned to Hebron, mainly to pick olives with Idris.

At Meitar everything is the same.

A breach in the system fence exists but there are no illegal workers.

In a spring near the Al Fawwar junction, people with various bottles of plastic fill water.

In Hebron, schooling has resumed and the children in uniform are already walking the streets, but otherwise everything is deserted and the stores are closed.

On Shuhada Street Hagit Ofran is with guests and Ofer Ohana keeps close and photographs her. So we filmed him filming her which is our way with this man.

We reached Idris' plot through the checkpoint near the archeological park in the Tel Rumida area. A plot of ancient and beautiful olive trees. Idris is already finishing the harvest. The Nahal brigade is now serving in Hebron. Soldiers sitting next to him to guard him from the settlers. The Theater of the Absurd in micro. While we were there a settler boy arrived and they just chased him away. The 70 year old man climbed lightly like a deer to the tops of the olive trees.

Hebron does not need gyms.

Idris says there is still a lot of corona in Hebron