Habla checkpoint - the soldiers arrived late

Nina S, Herzliyya E. Translator: Judith Green

Opening hours: 13:15 - 14:00

Ordinary occupation day.

When we arrived at 13:20, there were 2 people waiting in the shed, a man and a woman.  The soldiers arrived somewhat late and started to open the gatesinfo-icon.  Two of the people waiting near us went through.  The passage was generally quick, the pedestrians, bicyclists and cars - among which were trucks totally laden with saplings.

At 14:00, the closing hour as the soldier informed us, they began to close the gates.  Someone arrived in a transit van from Hablah and spoke with the soldiers, but then returned to the van and left.  After him, a bicyclist appeared and they opened the gate, which was not yet locked, for him and he went through.  According to our information, the gate was supposed to be open until 14:15, but the soldiers said that the hours had changed.  Another shortening so that now there is only a window of opportunity of less than 3/4 hour.