Hagit (watching, reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
הסימביוזה בין הצבא למתנחלים - קפה זה הכי אחי
זה לא מחסום זה מעבר מקושט ושומם

This evening we'll know whether the holiday Eid alFitr starts tonight or tomorrow. Wishing you a happy holiday.

But people are already tired of Ramadan. School holidays began and the streets in occupied Hebron were empty.

The streets are filled with Jewish kindergarten kids who come for the annual tours of the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Despair seemed everywhere.

The pictures show the symbiosis between the army and the settlers. Coffee together.

This  is not a barrier but  is a decorated or deserted passage.

A soldier standing with his pointed rifle in the Gross Square near the wholesale market ... Hebron.

What will be at the end ... nothing special happened today.