Northern checkpoints:  The heat and Ramadan less the activities of the checkpoints.

Rachel W. and Hannah H., Marcia L., Translation     

15:00 – 16:35

15:00 – Agricultural Checkpoint Anin

The checkpoint is closed but we take advantage of the time to speak with people returning from work and who were waiting for the opening.  It is very hot.  These are the last days of Ramadan and only 9 people, two children and three tractors left today for work.  They tell us that recently, they again inspect in the morning to see if the clothes people wear testify to the fact that they are going to agricultural work.  The fashion police is back.

15:10 – The soldiers arrive and open the gate of the checkpoint after five minutes. The first people cross the checkpoint after another five minutes. Within two minutes, everyone passed through.

A resident arrives to the checkpoint who now lives in Umm al Fahm, following marriage.  He is allowed to pass to his family in Anin only through Jalama Checkpoint (Gilboa Checkpoint) or through Taibe Checkpoint (Ephraim Gate), two distant checkpoints.  He maintains contact with his family through messengers who pass through the checkpoint.

15:40 – Tura Checkpoint

Families in holiday dress return from Jenin (west bank)  to the Seamline Zone in cars, filled with purchases (during the month of Ramadan, people often buy presents for family members).  A new car parks next to us, that has arrived from Barta’a Checkpoint; the driver lives in Tura Village next to the checkpoint.  He approached the soldiers to find out if his new car is already registered as is demanded, in order to pass through this checkpoint with it.  He returns disappointed.  The registration wasn’t done yet and they didn’t bother to tell him to whom to turn in order to arrange the matter.  He says he will try to arrange it with the help of the local council.

16;00 – Barta’a Checkpoint

The activity at the checkpoint is very slight. It feels like there is a decline in the number of workers because of the holiday. In the lower parking lot the drivers wait for passengers a longer time than usual.  The month fast will end tomorrow, Tuesday, and afterward, there will be three days of holiday:  Eid al Fiter.