Corona Times Report: Jayyus - People over 50 were not permitted to remain in Israel to work

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Yael S transfer a telephone report, Tal H (translator)

N. from Jayyus was on the phone. He is home with his wife and their three grownup kids who live with them. People in the village are not too observant about the closureinfo-icon/quarantine. City dwellers are much more careful.

I inquired about their economic situation. People over 50, even if they wished to remain in Israel to work, were not permitted to do so. His employer has not paid him his wages during the last two weeks before the closure came into force. A bad start for a period whose end remains unknown.

The Palestinian Authority has not helped. His son has worked in the Palestinian police for 16 years now (his monthly salary amounts to 2,700 shekels). Next month he will be paid 50% only.

N. sent his regards to our friends.