Imnaizel, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Michal Tsadik (reporting and photographing), Ariela Slonim (photographing); Translator: Natanya

Today we visited Azzam Nawaj'a and his family and Mahmud Abu kbeita and his  family who live next to the settlement of Beit Yatir. Mahmud Abu kbeita manages to keep a smile on his face and to stand firm, despite the fact that he is preserving his ancestral home  in a constant struggle with the authorities and the settlers and raises ten children even though he cannot get permission to build a normal home.

Next to his home is an electric  pole which sends forth electricity but only for the settlers and  not for him. He makes his own solar  electricity with the help of the wind without the help of the state of Israel……he is invisible.



The summer has already begun and this is how some of the children sleep

unnamed (2)_11.jpg


They walk for kilometers in the day, cross the checkpoint At Metudot Yehuda because their school is on the other side of the dividing fence  at Imnaizl. The buses of the children of South Hebron mountains pass us carrying the children of the settlers. The 20 children of the Kbeita family have no  such rights and no part in this arrangement though they are right next to the settlement.

This is how the  house looks..

unnamed (3)_7.jpg

The cheese balls dry in the sun

unnamed (4)_6.jpg



He has another herd from which he can make a good living. All we want is for the authorities to let us live… that is all. Allah gives me everything but the state of Israel wants to take everything from me.


This is  how Palestinia Susiya looks.

unnamed (5)_6.jpg

Azzam as always is wise and stalwart. He could teach many of us Hebrew and history and his wife welcomes us with great hospitality in their house…a tent. Today Sarah, their daughter is also present and the grandchild.

Now is  the quiet before the storm he says. We live in the shadow of fear. In another two weeks they will decide whether to evacuate us or not. We are lucky that we have people from all over the world and you who help us.  We will not move from here. Here I was born and here I stay he says. In spite of all this every bit of land is used between the stones and a tree and flowers are planted. Water pipes  and electric poles are not meant for them…only for  great Susiya with her new neighborhoods.