South Hebron Hills, The school in Zeituna

Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)
In Arabic: Our right to learn
The school and the remarkable teacher

Archaeology in the service of the occupation. The school of goal 7

 The village Zeituna on road 60 is a little way away from the settlement of Shamah. This is a small village and the distance from it to the school in the area is at least 10 kilometers on unpassable roads. The Palestinian Authority together with the villagers decided to build a separate school in the village. The principal is a most impressive women who has an MA in education from the Univeristy of El Kuds. She sees her work as a mission even though each day she has to travel at least an hour from the village of Idna.

The main problem is the dropout from  schooling once the children finish elementary school. The distance to Dura or Dahariya and the difficult living conditions makes it problematic for children to attend high school.

The school symbolizes for the villagers the adherence to their land, Sumud.

According to the Oslo Accords, Zeituna belongs to Area C, which means that the Civil Administration, as an occupying military regime, is responsible for all the building permits. Now that the school is functioning, the CA has found a new excuse for destroying it ... because no archaeological excavations have been conducted.

The children in the classroom
Demolition order...