Settlement continues, as well as persecution of the shepherds

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Rina Tsur (reporting), Yaakov Manor, and visitor. Chana Stein translating.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

3 inhabitants of Hadidiya in the valley were arrested by the army.

10 days ago, two inhabitants of Hadidiya were arrested. Last Thursday there arrest was extended. On Tuesday, 30.1.2018,  A’ and his three sons were arrested. He himself was freed the next day, but his sons are still under arrest. According to neighbours, the reason for the arrest is that they kept weapons. Their houses were searched. Till now they have had no legal help, presumably because of financial problems. On Monday one of the brothers will be brought  [to court] for extension of arrest.

Yaakov came to check if the pen are clean and to pay  to pay the tractor owner.

The computer mobile arrived today at Samra.  For some months, every Shabbat a container arrives, containing 10 computer stations, for the children of shepherd communities. A teacher accompanies the container, and teaches the children to become acquainted with computers. This is a project of Al Kuds university. The mobile comes in turn to three communities and the children of the area gather together and wait for it.

At Hamra, Maaleh Ephraim, and Z’atra checkpoints, we did not see any army activity.