South Hebron Hills

Zeinab S., Judy A., (report by Judy and Mira B.), Mohammad (driver, translator and participant)

Activity at Huda preschool, Hashem-al-Daraj

Topic of the visit: Winter rain coloring activity and a supervisory discussion led by Zeinab

Road 317:  The road was sparsely traveled and there were no army vehicles on the road.

Hashem-el-Daraj: The construction of the second floor of the preschool building continues which is disruptive to the functioning of the preschool because of the noise and construction material scattered around outside the building.

Huda, Chaula, and Amna were happy to see us and greeted us warmly. Because of the wintery weather, only five children were present.  The children were seated at a table and given a piece of paper with 4 small panels depicting a boy from when he realizes it is beginning to rain until he opens his umbrella.  Several small baskets of pastels were put on the table for children to use in coloring the pictures.  We sat next to the children to help and encourage them in their coloring.  Once the children finished coloring, their names were put on their pictures.  At the end of the activity, Zienab cut out the 4 panels of the picture to make a book which she then used to tell the children a story about a boy and rain. 

As the children were eating pita with zaatar prepared by Zeinbab, she sat at another table with Huda, Chaula, Amna to discuss the importance of a daily lesson plan.  Zeinab suggested changes to the existing plan which were accepted by the teachers.  She also suggested ways to reorganize the preschool room, such as having a list of the names of the children at the entry to the classroom so that the children can learn to recognize their names as they are greeted by name each morning, having a cubicle for each child to keep their artwork and workbooks.  Zeinab provided tea and homemade pita with zaatar to accompany the discussion.

Pictures of the activity in the preschool – 3.1.2019 album in the album gallery of Gan Huda: