Etzion DCO: People are waiting and waiting then are noticed that there won't be any cards issued today

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Observers: Chana Stein, Ronit Dahan-Ramati (reporting) translation Hana Stein


We arrived at 11.15. The parking lot was quite full, though less than in previous weeks. We parked at a distance and walked towards the waiting room. The door was open and the room was full, but not crowded. On the door was still a notice saying that on 25.9 there would be not magnetic cards issued. Today there were many people waiting for cards.

Those waiting for permits were told that they would be able to enter only at 12 o’clock. Now and again a few people were admitted, but they were for General Security. Just before 12 o’clock there was an announcement that no magnetic cards would be issued today, which naturally caused much anger- first, because they were not issuing cards: in addition, that they hadn’t been told earlier in the hopday. Once again, there was total   lack of respect for the people waiting. So what if they had waited since early morning, or if they were missing a day’s work?

Hearing this notice, most people left the room. We spoke with a woman who chose to remain, in the hope that there might be a change. Anyway, her day’s work in Bethlehem was lost. We stayed till 12.15, to see that at least people who had come for permits were being admitted.

We gave Sylvia’s details and instructions to a man who hoped to have his entry ban cancelled.