Hagit Back (watching, reporting and photpgraphing); Translator: Natanya
שלט הכניסה לבית המכפלה
הדירות בבית המכפלה השייכות לפלסטינים

Last week the settlers entered the Patriarchs' house. The house is located between a pharmacy checkpoint and El-Fahiya school and opposite the large parking lot. The settlers occupied the three floors at the middle entrance to the building. The other two entrances belong to the Palestinians and over one of them hanging Palestinian flags.

The heavy tractor, whose progress we followed, crossed the pharmacy checkpoint and apparently made further obstructions on the other side of the checkpoint in the H1 area that we were not allowed to be.

The settlers have already put down boxes of plants to expel the ugliness of their living there.

Every new structure they take over is a further theft of human rights from the Palestinians.

In the pictures are the entrance to the Patriarch's House and he apartments which belong to the Palestinians.

The despair grows and grows.