Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim)

Edith Maor, Nitza Herzog

The gatesinfo-icon opened a few minutes before 4:00, which eased matters a lot.

Passage was quick, and we didn't see any problems. When we checked times, a woman got through in seven minutes, while men took up to fifteen minutes.

One of the men asked us to report a problem he noticed: ever since the new gate was installed, that makes vehicles go into the parking lot instead of crowding around the entrance to the checkpoint, pedestrians also need to walk through the parking lot to get to the road. There should be a way to let pedestrians through separate path from the vehicles. The parking lot is very crowded with minibuses and other vehicles, there is a very real danger of accidents.

We wish everyone a happy New Year, a year of good relations and easy passage.