Bethlehem (300)

Claire Oren and Ida Translation: Bracha Ben Avraham

8:55 – 11:10

There are 1-3 booths operating.  People are arriving constantly but there is no waiting line on the Israeli side.

Once again some people learn that they are banned from entering Israel despite the fact that they have valid permits that are in order.  There are several people with Jordanian citizenship who came to visit family in the West Bank, but the visa in their passports only allows them entry into Palestinian territory.    They are not allowed to cross to pray in Jerusalem.

 We want to emphasize that the officer in charge was doing everything he could to help, including checking why a 50-year-old Palestinian was declared banned from entering Israel despite the fact that he received a permit only two days ago.   The officer also speaks fluent Arabic and communicates fluently and to the point with anyone who speaks with him.  

When we left the man who was banned was still waiting for approval by the officer.  We assumed that he was not allowed to cross.