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Raya Y. (reporting) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
חברון- הענבים של משפחת ג'אבר

Between Shuyukh and Hebron, a military jeep stands on the side of Shioch and maintains a checkpoint procedure which checks those leaving in vehicles and on foot towards Hebron.

We went to visit the Jaber family whose home is located below Kiryat Arba and around their home is a large vineyard. Every night one of the family members guards the vineyard against the many thefts of the settlers. The grape season is economically extremely important for the Palestinians living in Area C and their financial income depends on the amount of grapes that will reach the market. Without a choice, they must function as the grapevine police against the Jewish looters. In addition, the water problem is still not solved and they suffer from a shortage. 


Beit HaShalom (formerly, Beit Mariva -- a tourist facelift...) has been completely renovated and glass covers the grandiose building.

Bassem, the resident opposite Beit HaShalom, reports that every Saturday, settlers move past his house in Hebron (Zion Axis) with Israeli flags and wave them everywhere. The house is on the road to the worshipers' axis, which leads to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Just to mention, since the approval of the purchase of the house (house of contention),  there are new barriers on all sides around it, the movement of the Palestinian residents is limited. Palestinian vehicles – don’t even mention them. 

Hamudi from the grocery store in Tel Rumeida reports that lately soldiers have been checking all the Palestinian residents who live around the grocery store. An insulting and disrespectful inspection of the tenants from the Palestinian side only.