Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Raya Yeor and Hagit S.S; Translator: Natanya

We went to Hebron. As in Israel, here too the municipality is renovating  the roads.

Next to the Cave of the Patriarchs people who want to visit the compound are being giving yamulkes. At Gutnick House today they are playing  music - at least at a reasonable volume.

At 'Abed we met 'Ata Jaber, who despite his troubles (all his land has been forcibly dried out, as reported here this week) smiles and remembers us and is happy to see us.

Along Shuhada Street, there are many army posts, most of them only with a lone soldier. (Currently Nahal Brigade).

The entire city is full of more and more signs in Hebrew with directions to every neighborhood and street.

In one of the garages on the way to Kapisha, a military vehicle is having the vehicle repaired at a Palestinian garage.

We watched from afar the "hill of the herald" - at the top of the hill we see a water tower and new buildings,

And the place is manned. Access only to those who have a key to the gate (= settlers).

In Eshtamoa - expansion: more and more structures.