Haמna B.​ hosting group of 6 people from Switzerland; Translator: Judith Green



Relative to the last few days at Qalandiya, very few people going through and no line.  The Humanitarian Line was not open at all.  I couldn't decide how to write this reoport.  Another account of the opening of the turnstyles?  Another measuring of time taken to goi through?  Why do we are about this?  Where is the terrible crying out about this disgusting situation which has gone on for dozens of years, and "Enough of checkpoints!", cries which hardly appear any more in our reports.  Have we also become used to it?

Freedom of movement is one of the basic human rights - and we must fight against the cruel bureaucracy which withholds this from the Palestinians, and not just accounts of the turning of the turnstyles which won't get us anywhere in our battle.

The guests listened, but there was almost no response.  Perhaps the early morning hour was difficult for them.