Ariela and Michal (reporting and photographing). Guest: Semadar; Translator: Natanya

After the incident of the fierce attack on Idris Zehada, who lives next to the spring in Hebron and whose son was arrested only because he came to help his father, we went to visit him.

Yesterday the army did not let Hagit enter and Idris go out to meet her.

Today we arrived on foot and we were pleased to see that his son Adham was released with the document he received from the police showing that he was attacked. Idris relates how he was working his when suddenly a settler came and shouted that he should leave. When he refused the settler returned with two more men.  He was stabbed very deeply in the hand. At the sound of his shouts, his son Adham arrived as well as the soldiers. The soldiers arrested Adham though they did also handcuff and arrest the three settlers.

Idris, who a year ago rescued a yeshiva student who had made a mistake and entered the neighborhood of Abu Sneineh and Palestinian had almost lynched him,  had received much praise from IDF officers. He shows me the articles written about him in the newspapers says that he is known as one who seeks  peace. He does not understand how, after his son was, arrested they took him to the Hebron police station, from there to Ofer and then to the Russian compound. The family did not know where he was. In the morning they freed him. They gave him a paper that he had been attacked. When his father went to the police station to complain about the attack, a police officer in Hebron told him when he came to file a complaint, that he had to pay 3000 shekels and would then be  released. When he refused he was then told that if he would pay 500 shekels they would consider the matter closed. How they tried to make him an accused instead of a complainant. He refused and the soldiers consulted between themselves and in the end was allowed to go with no complaint being filed against him

Now we are sitting in his yard at home, looking at the wonderful scenery that could have been in normal times and seeing the military base in the heart of the city.

Now he is considering suing whoever needs to. We'll do our best to help.