'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

Rachel W. (Driver), Hasida W. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

14:40 – Anin Checkpoint

In front of the checkpoint are tractors filled with junk (for recycling; this is also a way to earn something).  Farmers who are allowed to cross the checkpoint to their olive grove only twice a week are looking for other ways to earn money on those two days.  What was prohibited absolutely until two years ago (bring junk into the village) is now accepted by the army as a matter of course.

A DCA vehicle arrived exactly at 15:00.  The gatesinfo-icon of the checkpoint were opened.  The first to pass through are pedestrians and after them, the tractors.  They show their paperwork and continue on their way to the village, passing through two more gates on the way.

We were told that the residents of Anin request to meet with the administrator of the checkpoint in Barta’a.  A farmer on a tractor who spoke with us complained that in the morning and afternoon, they let the pedestrians enter first, and the tractors are the last to pass through, after them. Even if the tractors arrive at the checkpoint first, they have to wait in their line. At exactly 15:30, the checkpoint emptied and was closed.


Tura Checkpoint

A Bedouin woman who arrive at the Anin Checkpoint, requested and received a ride to Tura with us.  Only from there is she able to enter the Palestinian area. Her request was to visit her son who lives there.


Yabed Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open, we don’t see soldiers and there is no inspection.  But the road appears to be secure: jeeps in place, cameras on the watchtowers, etc.

A military vehicle arrives at the checkpoint and the officer who gets out isn’t able to open the door of the building.  After a short delay, someone on a communication device, directs him to travel in the direction of the Mevo Dotan settlement.


Barta’a Checkpoint

The parking lots are packed and filled with vehicles of residents of the West Bank.  They start to slowly empty .  The transportation vehicles that brought the workers turn around and go back up the road. 

Workers still come out of the old turnstiles.  The new installation isn’t working yet.  The sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed path leading to and from the checkpoint) streams with people, the employers' cars go up the road.