Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, South Hebron Hills

D. (guest) and Raya Y. (reporting); Natanya (translating.)

We left Shoket crossroads at 14.00 in the direction of road 60.

There was little and sparse movement of traffic. Today (a week after the terrorist attack at Sarona in Tel Aviv by the young men from Yatta) some of the barricades at the entrance to the villages have been lifted.

Next to the well at  El Fawwar very many men are waiting in line to fill bottles of water.

We met one of the owners of the grocery shops who spoke with great anger about the “terrorist”

“Who did he think he was to go to Tel Aviv and kill people.  A terrible boy who left 7 sisters at home and his father is not arrested and under questioning  and added to that the family is in a very bad financial situation. What was he thinking of ? And now it is Ramadan and this has done great and terrible damage to us all. A youth who studied in Jordan where they seem to have brainwashed him, comes back to Israel and took his nephew with him to carry out the attack. Terrible. Awful."

Many soldiers at the crossroads and very few people and “life” behind the car windows.