South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Ariela and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
העצים שהמתנחל שתל על אדמת עזאם מסומנים בעיגול אדום

At the Meitar checkpoint, life  has returned to normal. The  parking one  both sides of the road is packed and also in the  field beyond the parking lot.

We turned onto Route 317 to visit our friend Azzam in Susiya. The way is beautiful , even now, colourful and  golded, a tractor with a water tank has been sent in front of us to remind us that even in the 21st century there are people who live without running water.

At Azzam's:

As usual the man is optimistic. Around the tent he has  planted young olive trees. I very much hope that they will see them be absorbed by the land and develop, and perhaps they will also grow.

Azzam asked me to publish a story about a settler from Susiya, his name seems to be Amishav. The settler started with two sheep, now their number has risen to five. The process is the well-known settlement process. At first he prayed on the hill between the settlement and the Palestinian settlement, then began to descend with the sheep to the field of wheat  and barley which belongs to Azzam as the sheep needed the good food. Next he planted trees (marked in red) and all on land not belonging to him. All these things are done before the eyes of the soldiers who do not intervene and allow the settler to do as he wishes. Police complaints also did not help and nothing was done. One day he also cut down three 40-year-old olive trees (quoting Azzam). The police came and soldiers arrived too. A tracker arrived  and confirmed that the trail came from the settler's trailer. The police, of course, were content to warn him. Azzam told of someone, apparently named Eyal Shani who tries to bridge the gap between the settlers and the Palestinians.The settler walks around and is armed with a gun, two dogs and a stick on land which is not his.

I asked Azzam what was going on with the Corona. The morbidity in the PA was very low, thanks to the high self-discipline of the residents. He talks about mutual help between the neighbors. To them, he says, it would not happen that an old, lonely man would die in his home and his body be left until the neighbors complained of a bad odor from the apartment because everything comes to an end.