The Simia school is no threat to security but was demolished again. "If you're a Muslim you can not pass here"

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Mira Balaban and Hagit Back (photographing and reporting); Translator: Natanya
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

There are not checkpoints at any of the exits on road 60. Reserve soldiers walk or stand at the side of the road.

One of the soldiers said, “We are guarding the routes”

At Simia the school was once again destroyed. |Last night the tents and the field toilet were confiscated. The local Palestinians continue with their steadfastness

Yesterday, the Civil Administration demolished a new olive grove near the village of Kliglies on Route 60.

There the soldiers stood there too. And kept the route open.

The checkpoint at the end of the Zion axis has been improved . The sheep pass without a problem at the checkpoint.

I think this checkpoint will soon be manned like the checkpoint at the entrance. On both sides the Kapisha neighborhood will be surrounded.

The enlarged  checkpoint at the Tomb of the Patriarchs between the Gutnick Center and Abed's shop. So  there is a little more space.

Once again we ran into racist remarks to our driver M. "If you're a Muslim you can not pass here"

Border Police soldiers and their commanders. Apparently they have not heard about the Holocaust, only the word "Muslim" should be replaced by a Jew .....

No comparisons. Of course.

We took air.

"Sumud" after the demolition of the school in Simia
"Sumud" after the demolition of the school in Simia
Sheep pass the checkpoint easily