Hagit Back (reporting), photos by Nasser in Susiya; Translator: Natanya

First shift to Susiya in 2017

In the past year the inhabitants of Susiya ploughed their own lands which stand in the area of the settlement  of Susiya next to the pillbox and next to the houses of the settlements. This area has been designated as a closed area to the settlers. When they go to plough their lands they are escorted by members of the Civil Administration's infrastructure department. When they arrived at the area they found written in stones (there is a photo) with the emblem of the Magen David.


This time they were not attacked by the settlers as there were soldiers present. A reserve unit. Let every Jewish mother  know where and why her children are being sent. The ploughing is not yet over. The border police arrested the settlers and toward evening when the Sabbath ended they were released.

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 As one of the Palestinians said,  “If we had attacked the soldiers in such a way they would have killed us at that moment.”

There  is blood and there is blood. And it is so sad that there is blood.