Habla - Only at 7:20 do the checkpoint open

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Ruti K., Chana A. Translator: Charles K.

“Since the PA resumed coordination with Israel, the Border Police have begun showing up here again,” A. told us.

When we arrived at 07:03, a Border Police and an army vehicle stood near the plant nurseries, besides some Palestinian men.  A few minutes later a Border Police vehicle arrived at the checkpoint but it wasn’t yet operating.  Meanwhile, men and women waited to cross on the Habla side of the gate, their number continually increasing.

07:14  - A military vehicle arrives.  Soldiers get out but open the checkpoint only at 07:20. People hurry, of course, through the lane between the fences leading to the inspection room, crowding together, and a female soldier berates them, yelling “slowly, slowly.”

07:26 – The teachers’ vehicle leaves Habla.

Some leave Habla and return a few minutes later.  When they leave they’re required to leave their ID card at the guard post; they collect it when they return.

At 08:08 the gate from Habla closes, but people are allowed to cross on foot through a gap in the fence.

“Closing time is 08:15” the driver of a vehicle loaded with plants cries to the soldiers.  They open and allow him through.

08:19 – The gate closes for good and two people on foot are sent back.