South Hebron Hills

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Nina and Hagit Sar Shalom; Translator: Natanya

We went to hear what was happening in A-Tuwani after the Villager Group reported that the villagers had been severely injured by the settlers of Havat (Farm) Maon . This included the use of sticks, stones, stones and dogs, and resulted in the injury of two people.

We could not meet Jum'a but Intisar came to meet us and told us about the assault of the Ma'on Farm (an illegal outpost) when the villagers were picking olives at the farm. In addition, she says that at night they come down to the village. They got as far as the greenhouses and the mosque because they wanted to take the speakers away, but the people of Tuwani had already removed the speakers.

Ibtisam gives us a flyer that the village has published concerning a demonstration they will hold on Shabbat.

The demonstration will takes place on the 11/11/17 at the top of the hill in the village, in response to what has happened.


We went to Huda’s kindergarten in Hashem al-Daraj. (On the way are many large and beautiful houses being built, those of those who can afford it, and later on - extremely different conditions, poor houses and camels and women who come with a donkey to fill the water with containers from a hose attached to the faucet of the garden.

The children in the kindergarten are sweet and happy to see us. So too are Huda and Khula. Huda speaks a little Hebrew that she must have learned from Mira's visits. We handed her packages of clothes and some toys.

This village sits in the verge of the Judean Desert and the landscape is amazing. The vast space of the desert spaces fill the eye, sheep, goats, camels, shepherds