Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Michal Ts. (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya .  

Pictures from the Theatre of the Absurd

Along road 60 the entrance to Abda and Deir  Razak are still blocked.

Eveything  otherwise is as usual. 


Palestinians harvesting olives at the top of the steps leading to the remnants of the “synagogue” of Hazon David. Because  of the precarious area soldiers are guarding them.

100 metres from there on the other side of the checkpoint enclosing Kiryat Arba young settlers are harvesting their olives. Only the dove of peace is missing there.



At the shop of Abed, the souvenir seller, it is business as usual and men and women soldiers stand opposite the Moslem entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs checking and detaining  but everything looks as always…

I went with Abed to the police station to see if the refusal to allow him into Jerusalem can be cancelled. This is because of the rampage of the settlers in his shop on the eve of the elections! The policemen of the station of the Cave of the Patriarchs know him and the story well and promised to go with him to the central police station of the city and to check the situation. Tomorrow I will be there and hope that something will have developed. They destroyed and filed a complaint and he is being punished. You understand this!

At  the side of  the parking lot next to the Ibrahimiyya school the entire area has been enclosed with barbed wire and a large crane hangs over it….I do not know if it belongs to the army. A soldier  guards the area with a cocked rifle. All the other checkpoints are well fortified all the way from there to Tel Rumeida. Now the paratroopers are there.



About two hours after our shift we hear on the radio that an attempted knifing by a young woman had been foiled. The story of this area.