South Hebron Hill

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Leah (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

1After the Meitar crossing , right turn onto road 60: the army cleared trees and bushes south of the road, near the perimeter fence, to prevent the passage of illegal workers.

2Further on, a view from the road north towards the Tene Omer settlement: on the right is an "old" settler farm, on the left is a new settler building. The takeover of lands continues

3In front of Shim’a, on the other side of the road, a new sign in the direction of Havat Yehuda. The farm was near Eshtamoa and was moved a little south, also here - taking over more land. You can also see a tractor, another building, inside Eshtamoa.

4Facing west from Highway 60 towards Dahariya, north of Otniel, cameras are installed. The work is carried out under the guard of the army. 

5. Opposite the turn to the village Abda, a new bus station of the Netivei Israel company. The bus line numbers are not written on the station, and we wonder: do they stop here for Palestinians? At the station, Palestinians are observed perhaps waiting for Palestinian taxis.

6. Turn west towards Khursa. According to the many signs on businesses and workshops with inscriptions in Hebrew as well, it can be estimated that settlers use these cheap and efficient services - building materials, car maintenance.

7. Between Khursa and Ifkaikis, works by the Palestinian Authority to widen the road.

8. A visit to the Jadalla family, because we were asked to be in contact with them: this morning a settler from the Nagohot sheep farm passed with his herd through the family's compound, as if they were air, and not for the first time. Mother Safia ran up the hill to hit him, he left when she threatened to call the police. Daughter Rania took a picture. (The herd looks healthy and well fed.…). We saw the man at the entrance to the farm: a young man in a sleeveless T-shirt, probably an employee of the farm owner. Muhammad takes down bags of clothes he brought with him, to distribute to families in the area.

9. Development work in the Negohot settlement, the trucks are unloading the building waste on the south side of the road in front of the family's compound. These are also private lands of Palestinians from other families.

10. A truck is working on the sheep farm development works here as well. We came to Israel to build in it, but we probably did not come to build in it morally.