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Ronit Ramati
מוניות טרנזית צהובות בחניה
פחים לפסולת זיהומית
ילדים מוכרים מסכות

On Wednesday, July 1, I arrived at the Qalandiya checkpoint in the late morning to meet someone who needs the care of an attorney to close a police file. At this time the place is quite empty.

Yellow transit taxis are parked in the fenced parking lot, and from time to time the drivers announce the destination - Ramallah, Nablus, etc.

On the side near the old checkpoint were placed 2 large bins destined for infectious waste. Probably used masks and gloves. It is not clear what they are supposed to be used for in this location. Those who leave the DCO and the other offices leave on the other side of the shed and those who come from Jerusalem enter the old checkpoint on the other side.

In the plaza under the shed, a table and chair and 2 children sell masks, to bring a few pennies home. When there are no clients the head is stuck on the phone, as is the way of children (and basically of all of us). Most people have masks, but occasionally someone buys because inside they demand to be with a mask. The man who came to meet me was without a mask and refused the children's offer to sell him one.

Most people who enter go to the DCO or to nearby offices. A few pass to Jerusalem, most of them have blue certificates. The transition was quick and without questions.