Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachela H., Noah L. (observers), J.H. (translator)


The North

6:50-7:25 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

The checkpoint’s gatesinfo-icon were already open when we arrived, and the soldiers were preparing to operate them/  At 7:05 the first person emerged from the checkpoint sleeveinfo-icon.

There were new soldiers at the checkpoint today (at least some were reservists), which was obvious. They were curious as to who we were. One man who passed through the facilities and almost into the sleeve leading toward the exit was stopped by loud shouts from the soldiers and sent back. Apparently, there was a preventative order for him (despite the valid transit permit which had allowed him to get that far). Just before we left there was a similar instance, something we hadn’t experienced in the past. Everyone else was able to cross through quickly, in both directions, and we didn’t see any lines.

7:35-8:00 Barta’a Reihan checkpoint

The upper parking lot is full of people waiting for their rides, and in the sleeve facing us we see additional groups ascending. This is a good sign – that the crossing is fast. Indeed, we timed two individuals’ crossing at five minutes. In the terminal four booths are open and the traffic is quick. When we left, the parking lot was nearly empty.