Qalandiya - a new settlement for settlers and demolition orders for Palestinians

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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

In spite of the heavy traffic, in spite of the presence of the many vendors, in spite of the fruit of early summer – a different atmosphere is felt here.

Everything SEEMS in order. But scratching the surface of this order makes one confront one’s sense that this is a disaster area on its way to collapse.

What is left for people who were born to a reality of no future, no horizon, in which their lives and their children’s lives, in which their parents’ lives have passed – is only to rely on a force majeure.

And what there is at hand is not enough – the mass arrests, the demolitions and confiscations – a new draconian ruling has been circulating.

There is talk of the neighborhood, which years ago was to be planned where the Atarot landing strip exists, and most of that talk was just up in the air – and now this plan is suddenly news again, and the construction of a settler-colonist neighborhood of high-rise buildings right next to the Separation Fence is about to become a reality.

What’s more – some home owners have been issued demolition orders, because a road is to be paved where they live.