Anin: M. misses us and his family wishes to get to know us

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Phone report from Anin received and sent by Shuli Bar

M. of Anin village, Palestine, is always glad to talk on the phone. He wishes for us not to worry about them. They are holding strong. Working a bit, resting a lot. And as for Ramadan, not every evening but once in a while they host the extended family, his 6 brothers and sisters, all living in Anin, as well as all his children who are back from their university studies abroad because of the pandemic. He sent an appetizing photo of their last feat. I ask about every item, and his wife explains: … And the red stuff is ochre in tomato sauce. Ochre, now?? Well, she bought it fresh last year and deep-froze it…

As usual, at the end of our conversation, M. asks when we intend to come visit the village?

Well, god willing, one of these days…