Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Raya Yeor, (reporting); Translator: Natanya

The Meitar checkpoint is empty. Because of  Purim no one is going in and no one is going out.

In Susiya, Azzam and Nasser reported:

In 2012 The  Regavim organization filed a petition against Susiya – that it is an illegal  outpost.

Following Regavim's request, the state's demolition orders were distributed to the school, water cisterns, residential homes and everything that was built.

Susiya's lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court against the demolition orders and the court issued an interim injunction that the state is forbidden to demolish and there must be no building.

The village leaders were asked to prepare a plan for Palestinian Susya, which cost $ 50,000 and was submitted to the Beit El Planning and Building Committee.

It should be noted that the committee only includes settlers and the army and the Palestinians have no representation.

The committee rejected the outline plan on the grounds that the level of school in Susiya is low and in Yatta there are better options for children.

A Susiya lawyer refused and has appealed to the Supreme Court.

In winter 2014 stormy weather stormed the village and destroyed 10 buildings, the houses of villagers and all their families.

The houses / tents were renovated by local residents and the head  of the Regavim organization documented the renovation and went to court, claiming that the Palestinians do not respect the court's decision and the building / renovation of the houses should be demolished.

The court agreed with the photographs of Regavim and asked the state to decide what as to be done about the renovation of the houses / tents of Susiya.

The state offered to negotiate concerning the construction in Susiya and proposed transferring the village to an alternative location, 5 kilometers from Susiya, next to Yatta.

The villagers did not agree for the very moral reason that they would be stealing land belonging to other Palestinian residents to whom the land belongs. Their families are known to Susiya residents and they have permits from the days of the Turks that they own the land.

Avigdor Lieberman,  the  defense minister, stopped the negotiations and decided to destroy Susiya.

The treatment of Susiya has now been transferred to the Prime Minister's Office.

Two months ago, the Prime Minister's Office announced that 20% of the village would be demolished: Houses / tents including a clinic.

A week after this decision, 20 additional buildings, including the school, were added to the order.

At the moment, the court has decided to demolish 7 buildings with 42 residents, including 18 children.

The villagers live in a constant state of anxiety and pressure.