Reihan, Shaked, Sun 19.4.09, Afternoon

Sima and Yocheved

We collected two girls who are treated in Rambam hospital and brought them back to the Jalameh checkpoint.

15.20 Shaked Checkpoint
Three soldiers are in the checkpoint. We entered with our car through the gate.  The soldiers turned up and said today's a quiet day. We turned round and headed for Riehan.

Riehan Checkpoint
About 25 people are waiting at the top entrance  - they say they've been waiting for already 15 minutes.  When we arrive they sigh with relief - the roundabout is operating again.  Only one stand is open and if there is a problem with one person passing through, everyone is held up.  (the issue of cleanliness  seems to be more important, and for smoking at the passageway one can be fined for 1000 NIS). 
The people returning from work in Israel ask us to find out whether the checkpoint at Baka can be opened for them in the morning, so as to ease the heavy pressure in the mornings at the Irtach (Taibeh) Checkpoint, where many people go through while at Baka there are only about 100 people altogether.  Who can we ask about this?

17:00 It's quiet at the bottom parking lot.  Drivers are waiting for passengers.
We handed over toys and clothes, Walid sends regards to everyone.