Deir Sharaf, Mon 13.4.09, Afternoon

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Bilhah A., Yona A., Deborah and Jane (visitors)


At the checkpoint
before Deir Sharaf, soldiers on both sides of the road check vehicles
entering and exiting.

At the exit from Nablus a few
soldiers, a doghandler and a dog thoroughly check chance taxis. The
taxi draws aside, the passengers get out and the dog begins to sniff,
jumping into the trunk and the car itself.  Each check takes a
few minutes.  Passengers of one taxi say to us ‘You see? 
We have to sit in the taxi after the dog has already sat in it.’

Little traffic in either direction.

At Jit junction, no soldiers.

Opposite the house once called
‘Sevut Ami’ are two military, and two police vehicles.  Soldiers
and policemen stand outside.  On the hills to the west of the road
two tents have been pitched and youths are running among the tents.

The entrance to Azzun is blocked
by a dirt ramp.  A pedestrian laden with packages succeeds in climbing
over this heap in the direction of the village.