Deir Sharaf, Jit, Mon 6.4.09, Afternoon

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Yona A., Elisheva A. (reporting) (and Hamdan) Translator: Charles K.

Deir Sharaf checkpoint:

14:55  Little traffic
from Nablus.  Perhaps those leaving Nablus heard the rumors about
what’s happening in Anabta.  Traffic flows towards Nablus.

15:10  - Jit junction

Blocked by military and police
vehicles inspecting those coming from the east and the west.  A
large sign south of Qedumim, “We’ll return to Gush Qatif,” and
a police vehicle next to it. A new fence is under construction along
the border of Azzun village.

The three of us miss Amjad’s
coffee very much, and also the porters’ warm welcome.  We hope
they’ve found other work.