'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 9.4.09, Morning

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Estie W. Nava A.; Natanya translating

In the morning the road was practically empty (or did we still have a hangover after the four cups) when we passed Azzun Atma.


The new checkpoint is completely empty with not even one Palestinian there. Two bored soldiers from the Home Front Command (Pikud Haoref) stand next to the small cement blocks. They tell us about new orders. According to them from now on those who have work permits for Israel can go through the new checkpoint and will not have to go the roundabout way to Eyal. This must be checked when the factories will be opened after the holiday. They said nothing about the closureinfo-icon.

About 100 metres to the west there is another checkpoint for agricultural vehicles wanting to exit Azzun Atma. Here again are soldiers from the Seam Areainfo-icon Command and a military vehicle. There also no Palestinians were waiting. We left.