Reihan, Shaked, Sun 5.4.09, Afternoon

Ruti and Yocheved

Translated by Hava S.

15.30 Shaked Checkpoint

Everything seems to be quiet but a big problem arrises.  The residents of Dahar el Malech (on the seamline zone) are used to passing through the checkpoint into the West Bank for shopping in a grocery store for cheaper prices.  In order to bring in  heavy bags they were assisted by a van driver who holds a license that enables him to go through the checkpoint.  The owner of the van was caught while passing 15 egg cartons from the West Bank into the seamline zone.  His license was taken from him and then returned, but as a penalty he was prevented from going through the Shaked Checkpoint with his vehicle, although he lives in Dahar al Malech.  It turns out this kind of penalty was  applied to another member of his family, who also owns a vehicle and uses it for helping out residents of the seamline zone passing in things from the West Bank.  They say they have no grocery store in Dahar el Malech.

From our experience, when we suddenly see a child  with a wheel-barrow  at the checkpoint, he is most probably passing through in order to bring back some goods from the West Bank.  It turns out this is also the problem of another two people from Dahar el Malceh.  No institution offers them an appropriate solution for the problem.

17.00, Reichan Checkpoint

No pressure, two stands open at the terminal.  On the other hand, many cabs are waiting at the open grounds.  They were glad to see us coming, and complained that at the Taibeh checkpoint (Irtach) the situation is very bad, but this morning two members of ours were there and apparently the entrance was quicker than usual and the checkpoint was O.K.

17.15 - Pressure again, because one of the stands closed (due to a computer that gave in...).  The workers complain: why do they open only one stand? We are tired after a day's work. What kind of life is this?

17.30 another window opens again and with the help of an usher the entrance is arranged. And the usual question rises, why they do not take the care of opening enough stands at the rush hours and having one of the people in charge present in order to insure smooth passing through.

Hoping the passing through continues to flow, we left.