Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 25.3.09, Afternoon

Moran B. (guest), Racheli B"A., Sharon L. (reporting)

Natanya translating.

14.20 The Za'tara crossroad.
A Palestinian car stands at the side of a police car.
3 cars from the direction of road 5 and 20 from Nablus.

14.30 Huwwara.
3 checking posts, no pressure of traffic and few pedestrians. The reason being the opening of the checkpoint at Beit Iba and the taking down of Sara. The flowers pots disappeared and later F., the DCO representative explains that 6000 shekel had not just been thrown away and had been used for another purpose. Two soldiers guard the other side of the cage
There are two detaineesinfo-icon.  A military policeman asks us why we stand in the sterileinfo-icon area of the checkpoint, and tells us to read the page of "explanation".
We ask him how many detainees there are and he says that there are two taxi drivers,. I asked why and he said ,"You must be new here if you do not know why" and turned his back on us and walked off. And I was left with the question and wondered which of us was the new one.
Racheli asked the Palestinians about the man who had been shot yesterday at the checkpoint. One tells us that he went with his telephone at his waist and earphones to his head and the soldiers had thought that he was carring an explosive and so had shot him in the stomach, Afterwards we learned that it was a man of about 25 - 27 from Jamaiem and that he is a stonecutter by profession and that he had hold chisel in his hand. The soldiers thought that it was a knife and had shot him in the stomach. The man was badly hurt and is hospitalized in Bellinson, in Israel. 
15.00 About 10 cars from Nablus stand and wait while the dogtrainer sends the dog into the baggage compartment of a car at the side. The search ended, the driver got his ID and turned his car around and went back to Nablus. About 30 cars wait to enter and suddenly  all are told to reverse so as to let two cars go out from the west of the entrance....wierd.
15.30 About 30 religious guests from the pre-army academy at  Sadeh Boker arrive.
The soldiers sent us all to the side of the checkpoint because we blocked the entrance to Nablus and they  set and listen to Racheli telling about MachsomWatc.
At one stage F., the DCO captain arrived and so the explanations of Racheli stopped and F. explained the point of view of the army.
At one stage there was a dialogue between Racheli, F. and some of the girls until F. had to leave and Racheli continued. It was a very frustrating meeting.

17.30 The crossroads of Za'tara about 15 cars from Nablus.