Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 5.3.09, Morning

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Tzipi, Na'ama (reporting)

Two guests: Guy and Mika.

Sansana-Meytar CP

6:54am: on the Palestinian side, there are six tracks and three buses. The checking lane is empty, and it seems as if all have already passed through.

Road 60

Dahariya: blocked.

In one of the villages, where there are normally several blockages, we've discovered the blockage was open (don't know it's name. It is located immediately past Karame, to the left.

Dura Alfawwar: open.

Sheep's Junction: open.


Tel Rumeydah CP: pedestrians are allowed through relatively easily.

The soldiers are very relaxed and even allow us to climb up, in the direction of the cage house – the part of this road we are normally not allowed to get to. An extension (spreading out) of the IDF CP can be seen from over here. Across the house of the Palestinian family living there, there are new graffiti now: "Kahanne was right" and "death to the Arabs". Garbage is thrown into their courtyard.

We come across Yife'at Alkobi there – who, it was said, some months ago, was removed elsewhere by the leaders of the Hebron Jewish community, following the incident at the cage house. Apparently, she's now back to her home.

Tarpat and Pharmacy CPs: Hebronites pass through readily. Three TIPH volunteers are positioned there.

Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave: two people are detained for about ten minutes there. We await their release. They don't seem to have been detained for any particular reason but simply as part of a routine.

While we expect their release, we see a group of settlers talk to IDF officers. The whole affair seems very friendly and takes a long time. around the cave itself, there are three TIPH volunteers.

The House of Dispute: three more TIPH volunteers.