'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 11.3.09, Afternoon

Tami C. and Dalia G.

Translation: Bracha There is nothing new compared to last week.  Only the A-Ras checkpoint with its desolation amazes us.Photographs were sent yesterday in a separate email.

17:20 Anabta

The widening of the road continues with trees being uprooted on one side and the flattening of the agricultural area on the other.Traffic is flowing freely.

17:40 Te’enim Checkpoint: The soldier is not willing to let us through.  He needs to receive permission to do so. Tami calls someone.  Perhaps because of that the soldier opens the gate for us anyway.  We enter the village of Jabara.

Gate 753:
We are asked for our I.D. cards.  We present them and pass through in the direction of the A-Ras Checkpoint of which nothing is left.  We are amazed at the vacant spot and take pictures.  We return to Jabara.

18:05 The gate is opened for us and we return home.