Beit Iba, Wed 18.3.09, Afternoon

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Sarah F., Dalia G.

   15:30 Road block next to Shavei ShomronCars pass through and there is no line; at the entrance, they check only IDs. We wanted to go through, that is, to go by way of the checkpoint in the direction of Beit Iba, but the soldier told us that is forbidden and returned us back in the direction from which we had come. 


The road entering Sarra was open. We went in and up onto the hill. There we could see that the entrance to Sarra itself was totally blocked, with hills of sand and cement. We met two Palestinians and asked them if they thought it was possible to continue on this road to Beit Iba. They said that the road does lead to Beit Iba, but we shouldn't go that way. Just now, they said, a car went by and immediately a military "Hammer" chased after it, and was still pursuing it. Better not to get involved. We accepted this and returned. It seems that there is no point in continuing to insist upon reaching Beit Iba. The question is- what will take its place?