Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 4.2.09, Morning

Zipi, Na'ama (reporting)

SansanaMost of the workers are already awaiting transportation on the Israeli side when we arrive at 06:40. The "sleeveinfo-icon" is empty and no one is waiting on the Palestinian side. Five lorries completed to unload on the Israeli side and are beginning their trip out, and on the Palestinian two buses and four trucks are waiting to cross.  

Highway 60

Samoathe CP is open and traffic flows through. Only a few children are making their way along the road to school.One of them tries to provoke A., our driver, by pretending to jump into the road. A' swerves to miss him and almost collides. This can of course happen anywhere but with children making their daily way to school on a highway with no side walk the probability of an accident is greater.
Daharia: blocked.
Dura Al Fawwar: open
The Sheep Junction: open. 


The House of Dispute is surrounded by boulders and prickly wire. The main path being inaccessible, the children have to make a detour.
On the Prayers' Route we note three road blocks manned by the border police that were not there before the war.
The Pharmacy CP: in the direction of school is empty and the children cross it with no delay.On our way to Tel Rumeida we notice two TIPH volunteers. A settler walking in the middle of the road ignores us and to the extent of leaving no room for us to pass. 
Tarpat CP: only a police vehicle. It starts following us up to Tel Rumeida. Once there, we are requested to show our documents. The CP is manned by two Giv'ati soldiers who do not delay the children crossing. Adults from the age of 15 (my estimate) are being inspected.The police vehicle escorted us half the way home, making sure we're out of the area.