Reihan, Shaked, Sat 14.3.09, Morning

Sarit, Rachel H. (reporting)
Translated by Y.B.S

6:55 -Rihan
There are 2 vans at the  upper car park area. The road block is still closed.

07:05 Those operating the checkpoint are on the way to their posts. "Good morning begin the pouring" , the yellow gate opens.
What is new (for us?) East of the road at the landing North of the dog house , something is in the process of being built.
A container was added and there is a bus station by the road.

Inside the terminal - the divider is closed. One service window is operational and there are pots of plats one of which is hanging up on the electricity tunnels.

at 07:15 people begin coming out (the seamstresses did not show up today) . We see that the line to get out is quite long. People stand in line for about 10-15 minutes (after walking through the rooms)until they reach the service window.

Around 07:30 another service window opens, but closes after 5 minutes.

At 07:40 all the doors of the terminal suddenly closes. we thought that perhaps  it had to do with a power failure, but not!
The guard tried open the door again and again until he was able to open them and they stayed open.

The second service window was opened for 10 more minutes.

At 08:00 the terminal is deserted. On the road leading to the terminal from South there are no pedestrians to be seen.

At the vehicles inspection shed there is no work. There are 3 vans at the upper car park area.

08:30 - Shaked checkpoint

The military Hammer is parked at the side of the road. 6-8 soldiers, little traffic. One driver tells us that today drivers who arrive from Tura are required to pass inspection inside the cabin and only following that , they can drive their cars.

08:50 - We left.