Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 8.3.09, Afternoon

Daniela G., Anette H., Yael R. (reporting)

15.10 PM, Etzion DCL:  while we were on our way to the DCL, we received a message from Hanna B. that a man whose wife had died during childbirth at the Mokasad hospital would arrive at the DCL to receive a permit to visit their premature babyinfo-icon who  is in an incubator at the hospital.   Hanna had already spoken to whoever was necessary for this.

            Indeed, the father arrived shortly afterwards (he has eight girls and they were trying once again to have a boy). We tried to comfort him (if its at all possible to comfort someone with such a loss) and the father said that it all comes from Allah. When we explained the situation to the soldier in the inspection station he immediately went inside. We waited for him for longer than seemed a reasonable time, and we then phoned to see what was happening.  We were answered that the officer had gone to search for the papers and that they would look after the widower. Daniela spoke to him on the telephone and gave him her telephone number in case he had any difficulties.

            Three cousins were waiting for a fourth one who had been summoned by the GSS; after some time he came out and they left.

            A father arrived with his nine year-old daughter, who has an appointment at the Hadassa Ein Kerem hospital in another two days. He had already been at the Bethlehem checkpoint where they told him to come here directly. Here, they told him to return to Bethlehem.

An annoying  technical problem :  the microphone of the soldier who checks the Palestinians is not properly connected to the loudspeaker, and its impossible for him to speak to the waiting people. This has been the case for a long period.  Isn’t it possible to bring a technician to repair it ?

Our visit to the Etzion DCL checkpoint is actually a basic mistake. We were meant to be at Abu Dis, but we didn’t realize this until we arrived here like a horse returning to his stable.  It became obvious, however, when two other colleagues also arrived here. They continued to Bethlehem, and therefore we didn’t need to go there. 

Dear colleagues, we apologize to you !